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Assalamualaikum…. have a nice day 🙂
Luckily, one of our classmates have uploaded the lecture notes and past year questions on the facebook group. So, i viewed the notes and downloaded it , so that i can read it for the exam. It is not about the notes only, it is also about the skills that we mastered during the learning session. Alhamdulilah, i’m ready for the exam, and insyaallah i’ll do my best for it. Of couse i targeted A for this course and i wish i could reach my target. I also working on flash card  i can read it anytime and it is easier to bring it anywhere that i wish as it is small and suits in my pocket. I will apply everything that i have learnt in the exam. Insyaallah. Pray for me ya!






Assalamualaikum and hi everyone. Have a nice day ya! Here i compile 3 videos that  I’ve made for this course.
First video is my introduction video, hmm i just recorded it using my phone so the quality is not good. Arghh.. it still embarrassing even i watched it many times
this is our final video …. enjoy it.. “once you re prepared, you are one step closer”
Last but not least, this is my one minute pitch.




finally the eagerly-awaited day which is EDUTECHOVATION day!!
Dr.Rosseni and all the facilitators are here to evaluate our perfomance and it makes us more nervous.
May ALLAH ease everything… Amin..:)
We are the sixth group to present our final video. Of course we did our best..! I’m really nervous that day, but luckily my group members give all their support to me and it makes me strong and grateful to have such a good members.  Other groups also did their best to present their video and we did enjoyed all of the videos. Every group have their own ways to illustrates their video and convey their messages.
After voting session ended, Dr, facilitators and guest invited are having discussion to determine the winner, and as i expected,the winner goes to GG Creation, they really deserved it.I really enjoyed their video which is focused on organ donation.
One video that really touch my heart is a video about mother, i still remember the tagline ” love your mother, you will not get another”. Wow,it really gives a great impact to my self. Second place goes to Ladies Production with their video entitled “Let’s Preserve Jawi” and the third place goes to a video entitled “Nature are us” presented by Triple N Single I. Congrats to all the winners. Rather than being jealous, i really proud of them.
We may not a winner, but  at least we are able to convey the message through our video. To produce this video, we endured the hardship and happiness together, and it makes me realizes that team-mates are important, as they are the one who shares the ideas, gives advice, and be a reminder when i am forget and supports me when i was frustated and not- enthusiastic to do the tasks.Am really thankful for the supports and grateful to be a part of their team . I’m also learn how important to contribute something when you are a part of team or group. Collaboration is the key and it is indeed an awesome experiences.
Before its to late,i just wanna say that,i love you Fatin,Ilya and Byqie. I love you guys.. hahaha.. and thanks for everything…. !!!!
4DIVA PRODUCTION proudly presents you …. One Step Closer 🙂


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A day that makes me so nervous as we going to do 10 minutes presentation.
I stayed up till 4 a.m to redo the storyboard. We have to remake the storyboard because we had so many changes for our scenes.
Furthemore , i have to be prepared to do the presentation as i’m going to explain about the flyers and introduction about our members.
Actually, i’m really stressed as we need to reshoot our video after we discussed with Sis Ana and She suggested that to retake some scenes and included some new scene that makes the audiences get more clear view about the message that we want to convey.
We so frustated about the reshoot as we have so many things to do. But we take it as a challenge to ourselves in order to produce a great video.After sat together and think about the scenes, we started shooting and Alhamdulillah , it is done with satisfaction.
We are the sixth group to present and Alhamdulillah it is going smoothly as we planned. We got positive comments and response from  Dr. Rosseni,tutors and classmates. We were very happy as we finally able to produce a great product after some struggle.
Now, i’m rethink about it, i believed what is Dr saying, she said that we work the best under pressure. Yeah, it is so true.
4Diva Production presents you….
One Step Closer  🙂
Enjoy the video….
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party_11week 11 is here 🙂
Today we showed our video draft to lecturer and tutors……
and it is good thing that we need to shorten just a few scene, because some scenes are too long.
Another thing is, they told us to highlight the message that we wanted to convey to audiens.
and also we were reminded about our tecnovocation day which is next week!
there’s so many things that need to be done. I started to feel pressure.
Dr . Rosseni also explain about our task especially about the video and blog. She told us to not delay the task.
It makes me realized that i delayed my tasks a few times. it is because i have other comitments for other subjects, so i’m very busy that i’ll forget about the tasks especially about the blog. Yes… i admitted that as my mistakes. So, the solution is ii need to come with a plan to overcome these problems. It iis important to improve my grade.
One thing that remain fresh in my mind  till now, and makes me think deeply is ” Present With Your Heart”.
Maybe the message are easily and sincerely conveyed if we talked heart to heart?
it’s opened my eyes and heart……….:)
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before our presentation for edu tecnovation day,

we printed poster, updated blog and completed our video.
May ALLAH ease everything 🙂




Assalamualaikum and hi everyone.. 🙂

this week we learnt how to make poster using adobe photoshop.
it’s confusing at first as there are many tools  to memorize to.
so i  have to ask  my group members for many times  while trying to make poster  ..huhuhuhu..
but nearly give up, but then my group members fatin told me that to be patience and and try it again even it takes a longer times. So i thinking about  it as it  is a learning process. It’s  not like we are able to do everything in one shot. So. i decided to make it again and  finally  i did it…woo yeah….


this is our first poster 🙂

our first poster.. tada!

our first poster.. tada!

this is the second one.. ;)

this is the second one.. 😉